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WIPO's translation tool now supports 10 languages

WIPO continues to work on automated translation to assist in patent searches and otherwise, and now supports 10 languages. Will it work? We've run a few tests with less-than-stellar results. That doesn't mean we don't support automating translation to the extent possible - on the contrary. We use automated translation in many of our processes. However, with patents, concise and accurate wording is everything. We've even recently done some patent translation and related work for a partner who specializes in machine translation, with the specific request to not employ machine translation because of the nature of the work.

When applied properly, we believe the WIPO tool can still have a significant impact on simplifying patent searches and otherwise. We will continue to use it where appropriate, with the caveat that complete reliance on this tool will not provide you with the results you need in many cases. Be sure to always have human involvement when filing a patent!

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Seeing strange fonts on your Xbox One? Here's why...

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Translation and localization can lead to some "interesting" character encoding issues when done incorrectly and without the proper software support. This article explores why some strange fonts are appearing in the latest Xbox builds, but also why Microsoft is doing things the right way when it comes to translation and localization...

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